August 25, 2019

Purchase a Consultation

Thank you for reaching out to me for advice about your legal matter.  If you would like to purchase a 30 or 60 minute block of my time to have me review your documents and to talk with me by phone, I am happy to speak with you.  Before making any payment, however, please email me at ginsberg (at) to let me know what you need.  I’ll email you back to let you know if I have the expertise to speak with you and to let you know if I need any more background information.  I will also send you a simple agreement for your signature that details the scope of our discussion.  Click here to review the agreement form I use for a limited scope representation.  I will send you a customized agreement once I know what you need.

After you return the agreement, you can click on the icon below to buy a block of my time, then email me at ginsberg (at) with your phone number and two or three dates and times that you are available.  I accept Paypal or all major credit cards.

Current rates are:

$75 for 30 minutes

$150 for 60 minutes





Examples of the types of matters other folks have hired me to discuss include:

  • how to fill out a Social Security disability waiver of overpayment form
  • how to fill out Social Security’s Continuing Disability Review short form or long form
  • how to prepare for a Social Security disability termination hearing
  • how to fill out Social Security’s disability appeal forms
  • how to ask for a disability waiver for your student loan
  • how to cure a student loan payment default
  • how to choose a student loan income based repayment plan
  • determining whether your government or private student loan may qualify for a bankruptcy discharge