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Although I publish a lot of material on my web sites and blogs, testimonials and comments from past and current clients, readers of my web sites and blogs, and readers of my Social Security disability “how to” book are the most persuasive source of marketing for my law practice.  I sincerely hope that you were happy with my representation, the service offered by my Judy, Kathy and other staff members, the free information published on my web sites and blogs, or my book.

If you were happy with the work I did for you, I would be extremely grateful if you would write a brief recommendation.  You can post anonymously or you can use your name.  Here are several places where I have established profiles and that accept client feedback - feel free to choose one or more of these sites - every word of positive feedback helps:

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LINKEDIN - business networking site

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Obviously, you can write about your experience with me and my firm.  Here are some samples of feedback that other clients have posted:

“Mr. Ginsberg kept me informed and had a well planned strategy. He  prepared me for the hearing and that made me feel comfortable. It  ended on a good note with a bench decision at the end of the hearing.”

“Jonathan Ginsberg is the most honest attorney that we have ever interfaced  with. He walked my husband and I through the entire process regarding  his disability case. He was always available when we had questions. He made our experience seemless! Thank you Mr. Ginsberg. I wish that all attorneys could be as honest and professional as you.”

“Applying for Social Security benefits for a loved one can be a complex  and overwhelming task, even for a CPA like myself, with all the forms  requested and confusing description of "disability". Luckily, I stumbled upon Jonathan Ginsberg's Disability Answer Guide before I started my  application.

I was quickly put at ease with the VAST WEALTH of FREE GUIDANCE from an expert attorney specializing in this practice. The process,  timelines, tips and pitfalls were clarified, not in legalese, but in  easy to understand language and via an outline of actionable steps and  form templates.

Reading Ginsberg's words inspired confidence like that given by a  success coach to prepare and win approval on the initial filing. For an  attorney who is not poised to gain any $ unless the case goes to  hearing, I didn't expect any response to my "contact form question"  until at least 24-48 hours. But to my amazement and surprise, Mr.  Ginsberg exceeded all expectations and responded almost immediately via  email. His insight, expertise and concern were evident in his response. I now consider the application less daunting knowing I have a valuable  resource to count on who helps others in similar difficult situations.

For these reasons, I highly recommend Jonathan Ginsberg to anyone planning to apply for SSI / SSDI.”

” Mr. Ginsberg is exceptional. He handled my case with expert  knowledge. He is friendly and personable and very easy to talk to and  answers your questions with precise answers. You can talk to him and  not feel that you are beneath him. His staff is courteous and prompt.  He detailed my case, and had all the information required during the  hearing. I recommend him very highly.”

“I had no idea which way to go with my problem.  Jonathan helped me  immensely.  The moment he started reading the file, I knew he had  experience.  He started pulling things out of the file that I had never  noticed.  He knew his business and knew exactly what to do. When we got to court, everyone knew him and said hello to him.   In his brief conversations with the judge, they got right to the  point.  And I won  my case.  You’d be a fool not to hire Jonathan  Ginsberg.”

Other examples of testimonials can be found by clicking on the link.

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