July 17, 2019

Marketing Vendor RFP

Hello. It is my understanding that you have contacted my office regarding your company’s marketing services. As you might imagine, I get many cold calls from individuals and companies who offer on-line and/or offline marketing services. I’m sure you can understand that I simply do not have the time to listen to presentations from all of these folks.

At the same time, I always interested to learn about options that could increase my law firm’s business. I do understand the need for effective advertising. Over the years I have written and produced television and radio commercials, developed multiple web sites and purchased pay per click advertising. I have also employed various outside marketing consultants – sometimes with good results, and, sadly, often with not such good results. Currently I am testing the work of a paid Internet advertising company, and an SEO company. As I have multiple web sites, I often engage simultaneously more than one vendor for the same or similar services.

If you would like me to consider what you have to offer, I must respectfully ask that you provide me the following information by email. If you cannot do so, I understand, but failure to do so will preclude our doing business.  If I am interested I will contact you – please do not call me to follow up.

Marketing RFP

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