This is a sample letter that you can send to creditors who are calling and writing.  Use this letter if you have reason to believe that you will receive a favorable decision:


RE:  Account #:
       Name on account: 

Dear Sir or Madame:

Your office has contacted me repeatedly about a debt that you contend I owe.  As I have advised you, I am currently not working, nor do I expect to return to work.

To the extent that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act applies in my case, I hereby assert my rights under this federal law and I hereby request that you discontinue contacting me by phone.

I can also advise you that I have filed a claim for Social Security disability and I recently appeared at a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.  I do not yet have the decision but my attorney and I are anticipating a favorable decision.

My attorney advises me that I can expect to wait approximately 4 to 6 weeks before the decision is actually issued and another 4 to 6 weeks before funds are released to me.  When these funds are released, I will have the resources to bring my account with your company current.  However, until these funds are released to me I do not have any disposable income.

When funds are released to me they will be deposited into an account that, as you know, is protected from any seizure or garnishment by civil judgment creditors.

I hope that this letter will be of help to you in properly coding my account.

Best regards,


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