Web Writers Assignment Description

aHeadshot-3Hello and thank you for responding to my posting regarding content writing.  My name is Jonathan Ginsberg and I am an attorney and web marketing consultant in Atlanta.

I am seeking individuals who have the vision and skills to write authoritatively about current events and other topics for the Ginsberg Law Offices web sites and blogs as well as other blogs and web sites in my publishing network. 

Ginsberg Law publishes or manages over 100 web sites and blogs that provide useful, insightful and actionable information to the general public.  Our sites consistently rank in the top five positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines and directories.  Currently we are looking to expand our content distribution into existing and new publishing channels. 

Our content writers and bloggers have an opportunity to help educate the public about a variety of important and timely legal topics, while helping our firm expand its business.  You can use this opportunity to expand your portfolio, earn money, and secure a positive job reference.  You will have opportunities to interview law industry leaders, cover special events and review books. When available you will have the opportunity to conduct audio and/or video interviews and file audio/video reports.  Our content appears on our web sites, news services (such as Google News and Yahoo News), YouTube, Vimeo, JD Supra, Facebook, Yelp, AVVO, Yahoo Answers and many other publishing platforms.

Our writers come from a variety of educational and employment backgrounds but they all have two traits in common:  first they must be able to become experts in a specific topic or topics, and second they must have superior writing skills

Here are our current topics:

  • Consumer protection - including credit issues, mortgage matters, protection against collector abuses
  • Consumer bankruptcy - Chapter 7, Chapter 13, automatic stay violation, bankruptcy court procedures
  • Georgia workers’ compensation law issues
  • Social Security disability issues
  • Updates on diagnosis, treatment and research of debilitating diseases, including multiple sclerosis, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, mental health conditions (depression, PTSD, schizophrenia), fibromyalgia, etc.
  • Georgia criminal defense matters, including DUI prosecution and defense, high profile Georgia criminal cases
  • Nursing home abuse, with emphasis on Georgia nursing home abuse matters
  • Georgia probate
  • Georgia divorce
  • Georgia severance package issues
  • Georgia incorporation

Job Specifics

This is a work at home/Independent Contractor position - you decide when to write and how much to produce.

I will provide training and support for Wordpress, social media and basic search engine optimization techniques.

With experience, you can have the creative freedom to explore topics of special interest as long as these topics are relevant to our web sites and blogs.

Sources of topic ideas:

  • current events
  • tactics for achieving some goal
  • expansion of a point raised on a web page, or disagreement with same
  • other blogs in same space - often expanding on a point made in another blog (always with full attribution)
  • other blogs in a related space - associating an idea that is seemingly unrelated to my topic
  • news alert services such as Google news alerts or Yahoo news alerts
  • Questions posed on Yahoo Answers and other “answers” sites
  • search phrases found on site analytic accounts
  • reading the news in general
  • phone interviews with experts in a particular area
  • blog posts may be distributed on article directories or as guest posts on other blogs

Necessary Qualifications:

You must have the ability to write engaging articles in clear English

You must provide articles that are free from spelling and grammatical mistakes.

You must have the capacity to learn how to use WordPress, Facebook and other commonly used publishing platforms.


Pay for articles will be based on the following:

Ability to produce relevant content with minimal supervision.

Ability to produce content regularly and on promised deadline.

Ability to produce content that requires minimal revision.

Capacity to upload content to specific platforms with minimal supervision.

Initial compensation:

$8 for 100-200 word “mini-article” or blog post (such as a Yahoo Answer)

$12 for 400 to 600 word blog post

$15 for static web page

$25 for 1000-2000 word “guide” (such as an AVVO topic guide)

Compensation will be adjusted upward as you become familiar with our needs and require less supervision.

Examples of web sites and blogs that are part of our network:

Partial List - Blogs:

Partial List - Web sites: (example of poor writing)


The Next Step

I have found that writing for the blogs is easier than writing for web sites.  A good blog post will be informative and relevant, and ideally prompt the reader to take an action (i.e. fill out a case review form, or call the office, or post a comment on the blog).  The difficult part, of course, has to do with writing about law topics when you are not a lawyer and/or know very little about the area of law.  Web pages generally require a more thorough understanding of the topic. 

I do not want:

  • general “protect your rights” posts
  • explanations of the law on a particular topic unless you know that what you are writing is correct
  • grammatical or spelling mistakes
  • overuse of the verb “is” or “was”
  • please do not call me “Mr. Ginsberg” as doing so makes me feel old.  “Jonathan” is fine.

If you think that you are a good fit for my writing needs, I would suggest that you do the following:

  1. look at some of my blogs (you can use the ones above or find more of them) and choose a topic area that you like
  2. write out five or more headlines - if you want to jot down a sentence or two about what you want to write about, that’s ok as well
  3. send me the topic ideas and I’ll tell you if you are on the right track.  My email is ginsberg (at)
  4. once we have agreed on a topic or two, prepare a test post.  This will serve as your writing sample and you’ll get an idea what this assignment is about.  If I end up using your test post, I’ll pay you for it.

Thanks again for considering this assignment and I hope to hear from you soon.



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